Timber Creek street repair

Reposted from the Pottawatomie County Website

Work to repair areas of concrete on Timber Creek subdivision streets will begin soon. Timber Creek subdivision is located in the southwest corner of the county.

This week, Pottawatomie County Public Works employees marked areas on streets in the Timber Creek subdivision, except for Timber Creek Drive off Green Valley Road, that need repair. Most of the work will allow traffic through the work area, however, a complete street closure may be necessary in some locations.

The contractor, T&M Concrete Construction, will use the marked areas to determine the schedule of work. The contractor will remove the cracked or broken concrete and then determine what type of repair is needed. Some areas may need to have subgrade issues addressed before pouring new concrete.

Weather and subgrade issues will affect the completion date, but work is expected to be completed by early summer.

The streets in the area surrounded by red have areas marked for repair.
Area marked for repair.