Feb 5, 2022 – City of Manhattan Preparing to Annex Green Valley

The City of Manhattan is almost certain to move forward with its plans to annex the Green Valley area. On Saturday, February 5, 2022, The Mercury published on its front page, “City to talk fiscal impact of Green Valley annexation”, written by Christian Bright. According to The Mercury, newspaper of record for the City of Manhattan, consultants for TischlerBise Inc., concluded the city “would have a net gain of $5.2 million to $23.5 million over 20 years if it annexed the Green Valley area near U.S. Highway 24.”

The Green Valley Kansas Foundation strongly opposes any action by the City of Manhattan to annex Green Valley area. We recognize that annexation will immediately increase annual property taxes of the average home in Green Valley by more than $1,000/year, reduce our collective community voice to a small fraction of the greater city, and be a significant net loss for the residents of this area (Click here to calculate your approximate tax increase).

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