July 26, 2022 – Green Valley Area Transportation Plan

Pottawatomie County and Bartlett and West are hosting an Open House at the Green Valley Community Center at 3770 Green Valley Road, Manhattan, KS, on August 4 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm to discuss and receive feedback on the proposed Green Valley Area Transportation and Thoroughfare Plan.

Please review the Transportation Draft Plan ahead of the meeting and plan to attend to provide your feedback. Additionally, and especially if you cannot attend the meeting, please take this survey as well.

Areas and roads for consideration that are high priority:

  • Green Valley Road to Timber Creek Parkway and the bridge near that intersection
  • Excel Road – Cara’s Way to Harvest Road
  • Excel Road – Harvest Road to Junietta Road
  • Limerick Lane – Excel Road to Lake Elbo Road
  • Harvest Road – Excel Road to Lake Elbo Road
  • Excel Lane – Excel Road to Lake Elbo Road
  • Green Valley Road – Junietta Road to Mount Zion Road
  • Mount Zion Road – Moody Road to Lake Elbo Road