Welcome to Green Valley!

If you found this page, you probably either live in the area or are thinking about moving to Green Valley. Whatever brings you here, we are glad you came. The Green Valley area is growing quickly. Some move here looking for “Green Acres”, an area very attractive to the self-reliant, do-it-yourselfer who prefers country living with plenty of open space for growing a robust vegetable garden and a quiet life closer to nature. Others see a more “Middleburg” setting in semi-rural subdivisions with the pace of country living within easy reach of metropolitan conveniences. All of us see “Home”, a beautiful and ideal place to raise a family, finally settle down into that Dream Home, and be surrounded by friendly neighbors.

As our community continues to grow, we will face growing pains that present new challenges. Some of those challenges will require choices that will determine the future of the area and our ability to keep the distinctive semi-rural character of small-town, country living. The Green Valley Kansas Foundation was formed to promote the well-being of the residents of the Green Valley area through education activities relating to civic engagement and self-governance.

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